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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long has AMEMPS Branch Associates & Corp been established? 

We've been established since 2010.

What type of company is AMEMPS Branch Associates & Corp?

We are a Business & Information Networking Company that provides career opportunities, as well as professional in-home and virtual services, that renders assistance in online tutoring lessons and in-home home health aide services in the Atlanta Georgia and Florida Area. 

Who is Full of Life Senior Service LLC? 

FOLSS LLC is the sister company in partner with AMEMPS Branch & Corp LLC company. Although, FOLSS LLC is new to the Florida area AMEMPS have been in partner with FOLSS LLC for over 10 Years. Hence, the owners of these company have recently decided to become united in branching their services afar to cater to more families in need.  

Is AMEMPS and Full of Life Senior Service LLC hiring?

Yes! We constantly have a need in the department we render services. To become a member of our team please go to "Join Our Team" and there is where you can apply for your desired position.

Who can I contact about my care plan and services purchased?

All customers have an Account Specialist that is assigned to you for ongoing assistance with any questions or concerns you have regarding your care plan.  

If I have any questions or concerns who do I contact?

Your concerns are our priority! If you have ANY urgent or general concerns, please call our office or contact your Account Specialist for further assistance.

AMEMPS doesn't have a lot of reviews. How do I know this company is trustworthy?

We understand many customers are interested in reviews in order to confirm their trust in us. Hence, due to AMEMPS recently making themselves more accessible and known online, right now, a lot of customers have not been able to post their honest reviews. However, we look forward to more customers posting their honest reviews in order to provide more security in our services. 

Whose the CEO of AMEMPS Branch Associates & Corp and Full of Life Senior Service LLC? 

AMEMPS is a family-owned business, that was founded in the early 1990s by Mrs. Yolanda McDaniel and her husband John McDaniel Jr. As of current, Ms. Letitia McDaniel is currently the CEO of AMEMPS Branch Associates & Corp LLC as Yolanda McDaniel continues to be the CEO of Full of Life Senior Service LLC with the support of a dedicated staff.

I want to cancel my subscription. How do I cancel? 
We're sorry you have decided to end your services with us. In order to cancel your subscription, please be sure to contact our office, or email us to inform us of your decision, and the location of where you would like to cancel these services. Please make sure, all requested services have been fully-rendered prior to cancellation, due to AMEMPS Branch Associates & Corp LLC and Full of Life Senior Service LLC NO-REFUND policy. 

What payment methods AMEMPS accept? 

We accept debit and credit cards ONLY. This will ensure that all transactions have been reported, and processed with convenience. This also ensures all payments processed are handled safely without the risk of contacting COVID-19. 

What are AMEMPS and Full of Life Senior Service LLC COVID-19 guidelines? 

We believe in safety first. Hence, in order to protect our customers and staff from contracting or spreading the virus among our community, we have set in place Full Body Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all our team members to ensure we protect your home, you, and/or your family. We also have online virtual services that provide social distancing, and protection between all parties involved. 

How do I become eligible for the AMEMPS FREE Monitoring System? 

Different care plans come with different products and services. However, in order to become eligible for our FREE monitoring system, you will have to purchase one of AMEMPS or FOLSS LLC Home Health Care Plans. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide our monitoring system with any other care plans at this time. 

Can I order services for someone in another state?

Right now, we are only rendering services in specific areas of Georgia and Florida. If the service you are requesting is within the boundaries, then we are able to accept your request for services and care plan purchases.

Why do I have to pay every three weeks?

Paying 1 week in advance of your monthly services will secure your place in our system or receiving services. Anything paid later than three weeks will cancel your subscription with us due to a delay in payment. If you pay the same week that your billing cycle ends, this will NOT provide enough time to prepare our employee for the upcoming schedule you have requested to receive. 

Will my Care Plan remain the same cost each month? 

Yes! No pricing will change or vary unless the customer is requesting added services with the privilege of being exempted from tax cost being added to ANY services requested.  

What is AMEMPS & Full of Life Senior Service Refund Policy? 

If you have requested services after registering and making a payment; due to our thorough operation in making sure the services you have requested you really need or want; we DO NOT award refunds under ANY circumstances. 

May someone else purchase or pay on my behalf? 

Yes! We welcome payments from any source given. However, the payee must provide their contact information and consent to ALL company Terms & Conditions in order to receive full access to account information, invoices and payment reminders. 

Does AMEMPS or Full of Life Senior Service LLC Home Health Aide accept insurance? 
Yes! Different insurance companies have guidelines that we are entitled to be eligible for. If your insurance excepts our credentials. Then we are happy to provide care through your insurance.

If I cancel my appointment, can I reschedule, since I already have paid?

Yes, depending on the nature of the request in cancellation, we will allow our customers to receive a one-time courtesy of rescheduling their appointment. However, if it is based on an emergency notice. All non-emergency cancellations can NOT be rescheduled under ANY circumstances.

Is there a Customer Service I can contact for further assistance?

Yes! For an immediate response, please email us or contact your assigned Account Specialist in order to receive one-on-one assistance.

I have an Emergency. Who may I contact?

If your concern need medical attention, please call 911. After medical attention has been rendered, please contact 678-301-8462 (FOR EMERGENCY USE ONLY) and we will be happy to provide further assistance. 

What form of electronic payments do AMEMPS accept? 

We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, and Zelle.

Is AMEMPS office open for appointments? 

Unfortunately, although AMEMPS and FOLSS LLC office is open for the public visitation. All requested services are to be discussed and scheduled with a representative by phone or video ONLY. If any appointments require a in-person visit, then further details will be provided. As a safety reminder, please be sure prior to entering the building, please (WEAR A MASK, REMAIN 6 FT APART, and KEEP SANITIZED FOR PROTECTION OF YOURSELF AND OTHERS).