AMEMPS Branch Associates Corp  LLC

 "Better Care. Better Service. Better Solutions"

Who Are A.M.E.M.P.S?

A.M.E.M.P. S Branch Associates & Corp is a  family-owned business based in Sandy Springs  Georgia with over 20+ years of professional and catered services. Since 1992 A.ME.M.P.S Branch Associates & Corp formerly known as Full of Life Sitter Service and A Key 2 Success Tutorial Service, have combined their individual services into one company with the privilege of adding additional services that will not only provide employment but will continue to extend their helping hands through the dedication and passion of their staff. Although many are still becoming familiar with the plethora of services  AMEMPS, our customers will be between those of the Florida Panhandle and the Metro area of Atlanta Georgia to cater to our Elderly ones in need of In-Home Health Care.

Now over 20 years later, A.M.E.M.P.S have developed a company of an array of virtual and in-home services that continues to glance at the needs of others, which boost their drive to develop future departments that will not only be able to cater to one genre of the public but to all ages, cities, and categories of services that many look for on a daily basis. With much passion, drive, dedication, staffing, and focus A.M.E.M.P. S continues to expand their team in order to extend their love and experience to all in a place near you. 

In the elderly and senior community,  we pride ourselves on being very alert, understanding, and compassionate to the needs of our family's desires; with the focus of meeting the needs of your request in a safe and affordable way. In conjunction with that, we believe in giving our families the very BEST,  experience A.M.E.M.P. S touch of love awaits to provide to you. In order to ensure your choice with us is the right choice, please feel free to consult with one of our representatives to secure your trust with one of our care services.  In the meantime,  AMEMPS invites you to explore the services we have available in order to share in the experience we have to offer. But it doesn't stop there; over the years, hundreds of AMEMPS students have also been EMPOWERED by our educators in receiving our virtual services on online tutorial sessions from the ranges of  Pre-K through College in overcoming their academic struggles.

Yes, with a dedicated and attentive team of educators, our students have surpassed their BIGGEST fears of being their own success as they remain determined to be a successful graduate with a bright future ahead of them in being a successful leader of themselves and their career. As AMEMPS continue to grow in their network of services, we assure you all expansion of services will be for the enjoyment of servicing our community with the best and most affordable services near you! 

Our Task & Future Goals to Our Customer

"Our Mission Is Your Vision"

AMP-FOLSS LLC (AMEMPS Branch & Corp and Full of Life Senior Service LLC) are an affordable, safe, and secure company that provides the best of care worldwide.  As a branching company, we understand the hardship and financial burden this pandemic has caused our families. Understanding this, our team have taken the time to reflect on how to continue to render the best of care for less. Our GOAL is to continue to dedicate ourselves, in making their negative journey a positive one; empowering our seniors to be as independent and encouraged in there experience with us. Although the healthcare field has increased in size, we have seen the trust, dependency, and respect for our seniors decrease in quality care. Hence is why AMP-FOLSS LLC is  the BEST and most DEPENDABLE service worldwide. We are determined to continue the independence you or your loved one treasures to keep with the focus, of maintaining the dignity of themselves and their home.